EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques


Hello! my name is Yara Huisjes 

I was a nurse for 9 years, and for the past 13 years I have been working as a physiotherapist. In total, I have been in the medical world for 22 years.
As a child I was very interested in the connection between body and mind. A few years ago, I came across EFT (emotional freedom technique), and have now obtained certification as a Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. My education was obtained at EFT Universe under the guidance of Dr. Dawson Church. https://eftuniverse.com/about/dawson-church/.

EFT allows me to apply the interest that I had as a child and it is exciting to see my childhood curiosity come to fruition. There is nothing as complex and as beautiful as the connection between body, mind, and soul.
I have been applying EFT to my patients in my physiotherapy practice, resulting in many great conversations and seeing my patients have positive results.

My passion and mission have become to coach as many people as possible in EFT. This will enable people who have been struggling in various areas of their life to be able to stand on their own strength, learning to be yourself and connecting body, mind, and spirit. See the introduction to my podcast for my own story.

What I really like about EFT:

  • It's up to you to find your own path. As your coach I will guide and give you options. (There are 48 different techniques we can use with EFT.)
  • You set your own limits. If you feel unsure of your limits, just tap on it with EFT and it helps you find them. (Personally, I really enjoyed experiencing that I was in control and could decide for myself how far I went with EFT. Even in each session.)

Are you ready to make your body, mind, and soul work together again? 

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