EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques


Have you ever wondered where those annoying, disturbing thoughts and emotions come from?
Or that very strong belief?
Or those misunderstood physical complaints?
Are you tired of stress and the effect it has on your body?
Are you fed up with anxiety attacks and panic that hinder your life?
Are your answers to these questions yes and are you interested in considering EFT!

Feel free to begin our journey together and book a free 15 minute consultation with me.

During this free consultation I will do an intake form which adresses your question(s). We will discuss your issue (fears, phobias, cravings, etcetera) and/or beliefs (e.g. it always happens to me…), and/or problem(s) (trauma, grief, etcetera).
Then we can see how EFT fits. Perhaps it will be felt another discipline fits better at the moment. It can occur, that another discipline fits better right now and then later EFT. Or maybe you will decide EFT is perfect for you and we can get started right away!
or maybe EFT is perfect for you and then we can get started right away!

Through one- on- one I can guide you through a problem, a theme or a belief.
You will experience change within 3 sessions. Even if more sessions are required, you should experience change within three sessions. However, sometimes big changes or a huge relief are noticed.
It's really worth it because it can change your life!
The intention is that eventually you can apply EFT yourself.
A session often lasts an hour to a maximum of 1,5 hours. I will send you some questions in advance and give you information.
Five sessions are needed for major problem as trauma. Even sometimes after tapping we find an issue has deeper roots.
EFT is done by meeting face-to-face, but it is possible on-line through Zoom. What is important is that you feel a connection with that person. So, when you live in Alkmaar, France, South America or wherever and you think;
I really want to do this! Just get in touch.

I can do this in Dutch or English.

What is very important to know is that I guide you.
I do NOT provide therapy. It is very important that if required you
do not rule out psychological or medical care. If you are on
currently doing this, stick with it. If you are on a waiting list - then
stay on the waiting list.
EFT connects very well with other therapies or can work very well before you start a process.
Precisely because I work in the medical world, I know that it goes very well together and that it is wise not to exclude one. Both have their positive sides, but also shortcomings that makes it a very good collaboration to choose for both.
These days, more and more medics/paramedics are open to both worlds: the medical and the alternative.
EFT will help you reap the benefits of both worlds. Take advantage of that

My passion is to make EFT known to everyone and to support people, so that they can apply it themselves. This creates more peace and tranquility within yourself, more compassion for each other and therefore more love in the world.
In any case, a 15-minute online intake conversation without obligation to identify whether EFT fits your question/theme or problem well.

If you live in the Netherlands:
3 sessions 330 euros in total and incl. VAT
5 sessions 500 euros total incl. VAT
1 separate session 120 euros incl. VAT only for people who already know EFT, but get stuck on a problem or theme. 

If you live abroad, just contact me. 
For an introduction to EFT and to talk about EFT for a company or commercial institution, please contact us. Minimum 5 people and Max 15 people. Larger group, please contact us for the possibilities. It is also possible through Zoom. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.