EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Welcome to my podcast called: EFTyourbody

In this podcast we are going to talk about the communication of your body. The communication between body, mind and soul. Communication of your body with the outside world. Communication of your body as welooked at it in the past compared to now. In addition, the change that we have made over the years on this subject. Mostly I make the podcast allone, but I will also invite people. This can include people who have a certain expertise with regard to this subject. It may also concern people who have a strong opinion about this and experts by experience.

I think it would be nice if you (the audience) also provide themes.  So if you have nice ideas, or questions about communication and your body just let me know. You can let me know through instagram EFTyourbody.
In addition, you may provide loving, constructive criticism that gives growth and development to this podcast. In this day and age there is already enough convictions and assessments that I personally want to stay away from.

Anyway, have fun listening to this podcast and I hope you can be inspired. That saves a lot sadness, despair, disappointments, mistrust to, from and about your body.

Which in this life should actually be a very nice, warm home for your soul and your spirit.

Podcast eftyourbody episode 5

Podcast episode 5 is an interview with Marta Bonilla. My dear mentor and coach of eftuinverse.
In this episode we talk about abundance, ancestral healing, reducing stress and stress-response. Her journey with EFT and she gives us a beautiful tapping meditation on abundance.